With over 20 years experience in the technology and manufacturing sectors, and a life-time in farming, we understand the challenges of farming and how to meet them with smart solutions. 


Big Red Trailers™ was created with a simple aim: make strong, quality trailers at an affordable price.  All of our trailers are made by us, using top quality materials and sturdy designs - every one of them has a full chassis and are fully galvanised.  We are constantly innovating and coming up with new designs that meet our customers needs, so if you can't find what you want in our standard trailer list - get in touch and we can see if we can design something for you.


Our farm has cattle and sheep, which can get quite busy in the spring time.  That’s why a few years ago we started experimenting with the old-style CCTV cameras. Every year we built our experience and our technology until the point where our friends and neighbours were asking for our help to do the same.  So we set up Kelly Farm Tech to bring those years of experience, and partnerships we built with leading technology providers, to you.

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